Bloodstained has reached its stretch goal and will now be released on PS Vita as well as PC and current consoles.

Igarashi’s Bloodstained Will Have PS Vita Version

Bloodstained has reached its stretch goal and will now be released on PS Vita as well as PC and current consoles.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night has reached yet another of its stretch goals and will now also be released on PlayStation Vita in both physical and digital form.

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For the uninitiated, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is a gothic side-scroller from Koji Igarashi, the legendary designer and producer whose credits include several Castlevania games. Perhaps most notably, Igarashi (known as IGA) acted as the assistant director for critically acclaimed Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, making him one of the godfathers of the gothic action platformer genre.

Bloodstained is a spiritual successor to the Castlevania series and resembles its ancestor both in appearance and in gameplay. The game was due to be released on PC and current gen consoles, but with the achievement of this latest stretch goal ($3,500,000, seven times the initial target of $500,000) the game will now also be released on the PlayStation Vita.

Definitely reminds us of Castelvania

Previous stretch goals had added new modes, characters difficulties and even additions such as an artbook. Further stretch goals exist including a prequel mini game and you have until June 14th to back the project. The lowest pledge that secures a copy of the game is $28 with all sorts of bonuses available for higher pledges.

The Vita edition of the game will hopefully support cross save with the PS4 as well as touchscreen support. A new game from the Castlevania director IGA will be a fantastic addition to the all too small library of the struggling Vita. The style of game plays well on the system with no compromises likely to be needed to bring the full experience to the handheld.

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