In Case You Missed It, Sony’s Gravity Rush Anime Has Aired

If you can't wait for Kat's latest adventure, Sony has her anime ready in a few hours. There's also Raven, Nevi, and some good old, gravity defying actions!

Gravity Rush surprised everyone when it first graced gamers back in 2012. As one of the first few titles for the Vita, Gravity Rush showed what the handheld was capable of. Unfortunately, not many games managed to repeat Gravity Rush‘s success, and the handheld slowly withered away.

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Gravity Rush later enjoyed a more beautiful rendition on Sony’s current gen console, the PS4. Gamers have also been patiently waiting for the sequel, which promises to be just as beautiful as the original, especially since Sony has long announced that the game will come with an anime accompaniment. And you can see that anime, called Gravity Rush – Overture, on Youtube today.

More specifically, from now you can watch the anime on Playstation’s official Youtube channel. Each episode of the series is about seven to nine minutes long, and will try to bridge the gap between the first and second game. It will also be a quick refresher for those who may forget some details from the first game, since Gravity Rush came out about four years ago.

The anime will feature the game’s two protagonists, Kat and Raven, living about their daily life, which includes several action scenes involving the pesky Nevi. It is reported that half of each episodes will be filled with fighting scenes, animated by Studio Khara, who some of you might have already known from Rebuild of Evangelion.

It also comes without saying that the anime will be sub-only, and we can expect it will be that way for a long time. If you’re waiting for Gravity Rush 2, which will available in January next year, you may want to watch this anime first, though you don’t have to — the anime won’t have any big plot revelation.

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