Indie Co-Op Revelation, Monaco, Finally Gets an XBLA Release Date!

Pocketwatch Games announces Xbox Live Arcade release date for Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine on May 10th, 2013.

Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine has been sweeping the gaming community for the past few weeks.  Ranked #1 in Steam purchases recently, Monaco brought an innovative and immersive heist game to the community, and they’ve eaten it up; With a metacritic rating of 83, reviewers and players alike have spoken loud and clear. 

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Unfortunately just a short time before their expected launch, the developers discovered an issue with their Xbox Live Co-Op gameplay, a pretty critical piece of the game.  They decided on the lesser of two evils, and quickly postponed the release date, indefinitely.  Despite the frustration of having to wait for the IGF 2010 winning title even longer, fans were appeared grateful for the level of communication from Monaco’s development team, and they took it in stride voicing their continued dedication and excitement.

Get ready…

Today PocketWatch games is finally getting to announce the new Xbox Live Arcade launch date, bringing the world of Heists, getaway cars and pet monkeys to even newer heights.

Watch for Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine on Xbox Live Indie Arcade on Friday May 10th, 2013 and get your stealth on.  

(Image sourced from Twitter @MonacoIsMine)

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