Indie developer Black Hive Studio finds a publisher and announces two new games in the same universe.

Indie Developer Black Hive Studio Finds Publisher, Announces Two Games

Indie developer Black Hive Studio finds a publisher and announces two new games in the same universe.

Indie developer Black Hive Studio has announced that they have found a publisher. After their Kickstarter campaign failed to receive funding for their Metroidvania title Kovathey were approached by multiple publishers. Along with the announcement of securing a publisher — 2Dimensions — and funding, Black Hive Studio also announced that it has two games in development.

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The Kickstarter Campaign

The journey of Black Hive Studio began with their Kickstarter campaign for their currently in-development Metroidvania title Kova. The team was looking for a total of $28,000 to fund the development of the game, but despite the team’s efforts, only $12,572 was funded. 

Despite not reaching their goal, the developers thanked everyone for their support throughout the campaign while keeping their spirits high for the development of Kova.

The Announcement

Shortly after the end of the Kickstarter campaign, the team was approached by multiple publishers. After much discussion, the team decided to partner with Luigi and Guido Rosso of 2Dimensions. Black Hive Studio stated in their newsletter:

“We already use their (2Dminensions) Nima technology and have also already formed a great relationship together. They have a vast background in games and software and we’re all really excited to work together to bring Kova to life using their excellent animation software.”

The team also announced another game that will be released on iOS and Android first, also set in the Kova universe.

Not only will Kova now get the funding it needed, but we’re also already developing a title in the Kova universe for mobile that will release on iOS and Android first! Two games in the Kova universe!

According to the press release linked in the newsletter, the mobile game will be a card-based PvP strategy game that will release later this year. The mobile title is the developer’s primary focus at this moment in time, and upon completion, full focus will be put on Kova .

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Kova news as it develops.

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