Indie MEGABOOTH Game Lineup Announced; 70+ games

Indie MEGABOOTH just released their game lineup for PAX Prime that includes more than 70 games.
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With PAX Prime rapidly approaching, Indie MEGABOOTH has announced their lineup for their booth including over 70 games. Spanning from MEGABOOTH, MINIBOOTH, and TABLETOP, they’re providing a wide variety of games to showcase on August 28th – 31st. 

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Games included in MEGABOOTH

Indie MEGABOOTH was provided sponsorship through Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox with hardware assistance through Alienware and Intel for the showcasing. Below is the complete listing of the games that will be featured at their MEGABOOTH. 

  • Armello – League of Geeks
  • Awesomenauts – Ronimo Games
  • Barkley 2 – Tales of Game’s
  • BELOW – Capybara Games
  • Butt Sniffin Pugs – SpaceBeagles
  • Captain Forever Remix – Pixelsaurus Games & Future Crayon
  • Chasm – Discord Games, Inc.
  • D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die Season 1 – PLAYISM
  • Darknet – E McNeil
  • Death Road to Canada – Rocketcat LLC
  • Distance – Refract
  • Due Process – Giant Enemy Crab
  • Eco Global Survival Game – Strange Loop Games Inc
  • Galak-Z – 17-BIT
  • Gang Beasts – Boneloaf
  • Hyper Light Drifter – Heart Machine
  • Infinifactory – Zachtronics
  • Kathy Rain – Clifftop Games
  • Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes – Steel Crate Games, Inc.
  • La-Mulana 2 – PLAYISM
  • Ladykiller in a Bind – Love Conquers All Games
  • Mini Metro – Dinosaur Polo Club
  • Moon Hunters – Kitfox Games
  • Mushroom 11 – Untame
  • Nova Blitz – Dragon Foundry
  • Playsets – The Playsets Team
  • Rising Thunder – Radiant Entertainment
  • Shoot Shoot Mega Pack – Jon Remedios
  • Sometimes Always Monsters – Vagabond Dog
  • Stonehearth – Radiant Entertainment
  • That Dragon, Cancer – Numinous Games
  • The Magic Circle – Question LLC
  • The Westport Independent – Double Zero One Zero
  • Through the Woods – Antagonist
  • To Leave – Freaky Creations
  • Tumblestone – The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild
  • Ultimate Chicken Horse – Clever Endeavour Games
  • Universe Sandbox²  – Giant Army
  • Viking Squad – Slick Entertainment Inc
  • Wattam – Funomena 
  • XING: The Land Beyond – White Lotus Interactive
  • YIIK: A Postmodern RPG – Ackk Studios

MINIBOOTH Featured Games

  • Absolute Drift – Funselektor Labs Inc.
  • Antihero – Tim Conkling
  • Brigador – Stellar Jockeys
  • Burly Men at Sea – Brain&Brain
  • Celestial Tear: Demon’s Revenge – White Guardian Studios LLC
  • Check-in, Knock-out – Lionade Games
  • Circa Infinity – Kenny Sun
  • Cloud Groove – Bromoco Games
  • Evergreen – Siege Sloth Games
  • FutureGrind – Milkbag Games
  • Gnomoria – Robotronic Games
  • Interstellaria – Coldrice Games LLC
  • Into the Stars – Fugitive Games
  • Inversus – Hypersect 
  • Metro Warp – Another Yeti Inc
  • One More Line – SMG Studio
  • Pillar – MichaelArts
  • Poly Bridge – Dry Cactus
  • Sublevel Zero – Sigtrap
  • Super Chibi Knight – PestoForce
  • The King’s Bird – Serenity Forge
  • Timespinner – Lunar Ray Games LLC
  • Together: Amna & Saif – Mount Olympus Games
  • VA-11 HALL-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action – Sukeban Games

Tabletop Games Showcased

With sponsor help from Cards Against Humanity, Indie MEGABOOTH was able to provide a tabletop showcasing event from card games to classic tabletop. 

  • Cinelinx: A Card Game for People Who Love Movies – Cinelinx Media
  • Cogs in a Machine – Mikeware
  • Gruff – Studio Woe
  • Mech Deck – Off the Shelf
  • Monikers – Palm Court
  • Paperback – Tim Fowers
  • Pleasant Dreams: A Card Game of Nightmares – Aerjen Games
  • Skiptrace – Skiptrace
  • Skulldug! – Ruddy Games
  • Steamcraft – Rock Manor Games

For those that are lucky enough to be going to PAX Prime later this month they’ll have work cut out for them when limiting what games to really look into. Not only does Indie MEGABOOTH have a great set up for the convention, but a bunch of other game developers and representatives will be there, showing off all their goods. 

While looking through the above giant list of games I can say I recognize quite a few of them from my own Steam library, and the Steam store that I’ve heavily looked into during the holiday season. From Gnomoria to Awesomenauts, Indie MEGABOOTH brought all of the best games with them to show exactly what an indie game means and is.

Below is a floor plan for PAX Prime, showing where some of the above games will be represented around the Indie MEGABOOTH area. There are seperate booths for the MEGABOOTH list, and then a booth of each the TABLETOP spread and the MINIBOOTH.

What indie game are you most looking forward to during PAX Prime? Comment below with your expectations and we’ll see if PAX Prime delivers.

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