Indie Old-School FPS Project Warlock Gets Greenlit

After two name changes, a major overhaul, and months of hard work, Project Warlock finally gets the thumbs up from the Steam community.

After two name changes, a major overhaul, and months of hard work, Project Warlock finally gets the thumbs up from the Steam community.

For indie developer Jakub Cislo, the journey to getting his title Greenlit has been a long and gruelling one. His initial Steam Greenlight campaign was met with heavy criticism by the steam community, resulting in its withdrawal. After months of hard work, a brand new name and a major overhaul in its visuals, Project Warlock (formally known as Cataclysm 3D and Exitium 3D) has finally been Greenlit.

An Interdimensional Ass Kicking Mage

Project Warlock is an old-school FPS title similar to those of the early to mid 1990s, such as Wolfenstein 3D and DOOM. Players take on the role of a nameless mage who is travelling through varying dimensions and universes on a quest to rid all evil from existence.

To help him on his quest, he has an array of weapons and magic at his disposal, including a handgun, double barrel shotgun, dual SMGs, and magical staves. The player will be able to obtain upgrades to their weapons, along with increasing their character’s level and stats as they progress.

The game will also feature five episodes with varying environments, tons of secrets to find throughout each levels, and multiple game modes. All in all, Project Warlock is a game made by a fan for fans.

A Bumpy Road of Criticism

Cislo created a Greenlight page for the game at the beginning of 2017. At that point, the game was called Cataclysm 3D and the gameplay was almost entirely the same as it is now, but the visuals were created solely by Cislo himself and were far more basic. Due to this, the game was hit with harsh, and at times outright insulting, criticism.

Shortly after, the Greenlight page was removed and Cislo went back to the drawing board. His first goal was to hire a professional artist to design the game’s visuals. While this was happening, a few other new additions to the game were in the works, including giving the protagonist a personality.

After several months of hard work, a new name, and a massive face-lift, Cislo returned to Steam with a new Greenlight page. In just over a week, Project Warlock was greenlit, having received praise for its new art style and fast-paced gameplay.

Get Down and Dirty This October 

In the protagonist’s words, players will be able to “get down and dirty” with Project Warlock this October. 

At its heart, Project Warlock is a classic FPS and is looking to incorporate everything that made old FPS titles so great, while also adding in a few new twists along the way. If you enjoy old-school FPS titles, then Project Warlock may be a title to keep on your radar.

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