Indie Royale Mayhem Bundle Offers 7 Games on The Cheap

This Indie Royale round is a bit more chaotic than normal, game-wise.
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Indie Royale is back again, and this time they’ve brought the 7-game Mayhem Bundle with them. The Mayhem Bundle features a pack of “anarchic” indie titles, such as Lucius, Droplitz, Burn Zombie Burn!, and a mystery game.

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The minimum price as of writing is $5.49, and as with other Indie Royale bundles, this minimum will rise as more people grab it up. Buys who pay more than $8.00 will receive a digital copy of the chiptune album Phonetic Symphony by Chipzel.

The full list of games included in the bundle are as follows:

  • Burn Zombie Burn!
  • Lucius
  • Plain sight
  • Primal Fears
  • Alien Shooter 2: Conscription
  • Droplitz
  • Mystery game!

The Mayhem Bundle will be available for 10 days, after which you will not be able to get these titles for this cheap again! Keep in mind that the longer you wait, the more the bundle will cost. Early-adopters, as always, will get the best deal. Head on over the official site and take a gander at donator statistics and ponder over a purchase.

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