Indie Sampler, Experiment 12 Out Now and Its Free

Experiment 12 available for download today.

Experiment 12 available for download today.

Today, you can download a small, free offering of games known as Experiment 12. This game is broken up in to 12 chapters from 12 different indie games with a small breakdown of the next chapter before you play it. The creators of the game are as follows:

Terry Cavanagh: Super Hexagon

Ian Snyder: Feign

Jack King-Spooner: Will You Ever Return

Zaratustra: Eversion

Richard Perrin: Lockeddoorpuzzle

Michael Brough: Helix

Robert Yang: Radiator

Alan Hazelden: Brick Smash

TheBlackMask: A Death Foreordained

Jasper Byrne: Emo Harvest

Jake Clover: Rock, Papers, Scissors, Shotgun

Benn Powell: The Last Survivor

The games listed above are not the chapters in Experiment 12, but if you know of them you know the style that each creator will bring to the table. Experiment 12 will be able to give you a taste from each developer, allowing you to sample their game styles before purchasing one of their full games. To download the game simply click the link below. Happy gaming!


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