Indie Store Opens Up For Vita

PlayStation Vita Store opens up to indie developers everywhere!

PlayStation Vita Store opens up to indie developers everywhere!

Sony has been adamant about opening up their systems to indie developers since their press conference that announced the PS4.

Sony has recently opened up a portion on the PSVita Store that is geared towards indie games. There are currently 53 titles available to consumers. Some of these are cross buy, which allows you to buy it once and it will give you a PS3 and a Vita copy for one price.

The PS3 Store had added this previously but it looks like it’s going to be available from day one on the PS4. With the addition to Vita, it’s going to open up to having an indie section on day one for the next-gen console. 

These games range from Guacamelee to Hotline Miami. The prospect of more indie games coming to the system that I’m getting for the next generation is exciting because of the innovation that indie games tend to bring to the gaming world, such as Journey did with its roaming and fantastic score.

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