Infamous: Second Son – New Screens Revealed

New High-Res Screens For Infamous: Second Son

New High-Res Screens For Infamous: Second Son

This week Sucker Punch Studios has decided to give us some high-res screenshots of their new game Infamous: Second Son.

If you haven’t got around to playing the Infamous series it is, in my opinion, the best PlayStation exclusive title. Infamous and Infamous 2 revolved around Cole MacGrath, an electrically super-powered bike messenger, and his struggle with his new powers. The new title, Infamous: Second Son, is set 7 years later following Delsin Rowe as he explores his new ability to absorb other peoples powers. Like the rest of the series, Second Son’s story line will be affected by the player’s moral choices in the game, the powers you will be able to learn will also depend on morality.

In the first trailer that was released, we see some amazing looking smoke powers, and some serious butt-kickings handed out by Delsin. In these new high-res screenshots we see some amazing looking graphics. There are new shots of the smoke powers as well as an awesome looking fire flame whip thingy. These new pics look awesome and I am very eager to see what they tease us with next.

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