Infinity Ward teases a mysterious form of Coop in Call of Duty: Ghosts

Will we see the return of Spec ops? Or does COD:Ghost have a new trick up its sleeve
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Most gamers in the world know of the phenomenon that is Call of Duty (COD), and all of its forms whether it was made by one of two alternating creators, Infinity Ward or Treyarch.  Midnight releases of these games are common place around the holidays. It has become an annual AAA title, usually releasing within the first two weeks in November. 

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COD: Ghosts, which releases on November 5th, 2013, for current gen consoles, which will be a day one release for next gen, will keep that tradition alive. This version of the franchise will focus on a new storyline and character as well as the addition of a military working dog to add to the arsenal of weaponry already at your disposal.

What is everyone wanting to know?

Though most campaign modes in the series have been on par with a blockbuster action movie, the main focus of attention for most hardcore COD gamers is the multiplayer. No other modes other than generic multiplayer have been announced. A tweet was posted by the developers’ community coordinator stating, “We’ll have a cooperative mode of sort, but we’re not announcing it yet and I’ve no clue when/if we will.”

The key word being “of sort.” This would not point to a full on cooperative multiplayer mode in COD: Ghosts. With the integration of tablet support in most next-gen games, it would not be surprising to see this feature added. This statement could also point to a friend being able to take control of Riley, the military working dog, first introduced prior to E3 this year, though most people are speculating the return of Spec ops mode.

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With such a strong and dedicated fan-base, COD: Ghosts will fly off shelves as soon as the clock strikes midnight. Infinity Ward has always been appreciative of this and has done everything it could to add new content for its fans. It would not be surprising  that this cryptic message point to either a new mode or an enhancement to an existing multiplayer experience.

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