Injustice (Mobile) – Boss Grundy Challenge Mode

Making Injustice Mobile app players an offer they won't refuse.

Making Injustice Mobile app players an offer they won't refuse.

On the heels of the Multi-player Mode update, Warner Bros. and Netherealm Studios roll out the next Challenge Mode for Injustice: Gods Among Us – Boss Grundy.

The zombie villain is styling in his new suit and classic hat, even a red carnation and silk scarf to complete that undead man about town look. But, he’s also sporting some new moves and a new passive ability. 

Boss Grundy has a new One Foot in the Grave ability which makes his basic attacks stronger and stronger the closer he gets to being knocked out. And beware of his new Death to All 2nd tier attack.

Like a Boss!

You will have 18 days to complete the challenge and you start with 25 Challenge Credits to pay for each battle. You will need to buy more in the Shop or earn them by playing regular battles to finish all five series of challenges.

For each set of battles completed, you get a part of Boss Grundy’s gear (Steak Knife, Smooth Fedora, Tombstone, Lapel Carnation, Cleaver).Once you have won all five challenges, a Gold Level Boss Grundy is added to your collection.

But, you don’t need to complete them all to win something.

  • 2 Challenges Completed – Free Bronze Booster Pack (worth 8,000 credits)
  • 3 Challenges Completed – +15,000 Power Credits
  • 4 Challenges Completed – Free Silver Booster Pack (worth 35,000 credits)

Once the Standard Challenge is completed, players can then try the Expert level version and up to Nightmare level.

Boss Battles

Be prepared for the mob war to come as your trio plunges into combat.

  • Challenge 1: Bronze Characters Only – Bronze Nightwing and Deathstroke are good lead-offs. Luthor will add damage to Deathstroke’s bigger attacks.
  • Challenge 2: Deathstroke Must Be On Your Team – It appears that you will NOT be allowed to use Red Son Deathstroke for this challenge.
  • Challenge 3: Bronze or Silver Characters Only – I’m partial to Silver Luthor or Nightwing to keep enemies at bay. Regime Green Lantern add 25% power too.
  • Challenge 4: Green Lantern Must Be On  Your Team – John Stewart Green Lantern would be a plus for his series. Not only a Gold Level character but his Emergency Barrier ability can keep your guys in the fight longer.
  • Challenge 5: Solomon Grundy Must Be On Your Team – Red Son Grundy is your best bet here. Having all 3 Red Son characters would give you a definite edge.

Criminal Eulogy

Before he returned from the dead with a supernatural craving for revenge, Cyrus Gold was a merchant or mob boss – depending on who you asked. But, in any case, his criminality caught up with him and he was viciously attacked, mortally wounded and thrown in a mysterious swamp on the outskirts of Gotham City.

Some say this swampland held some unearthly power, others say some relic of unnatural origin lay deep in the muck. But, something in that swamp resurrected Cyrus Gold into a walking, unfeeling corpse. 

He wandered back to the city, feeling the urge to payback those who harmed him and find his lost soul, but along the way encountered a group of hobos around a fire.

One commented that the stranger among them was like that old nursery rhyme.

Solomon Grundy…

Born on a Monday
Christened on Tuesday
Married on Wednesday
Took ill on Thursday
Grew worse on Friday
Dead on a Saturday
Buried on a Sunday
That was the End
Of Solomon Grundy

And the name stuck.

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