Injustice (Mobile) – Special Arkham Batman Offer

Want your Dark Knight a little more dark and gritty for your Injustice iOS app?

Want your Dark Knight a little more dark and gritty for your Injustice iOS app?

NetherRealms is promoting their free Batman: Arkham Origins iOS app as well as the upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins game with a treat for players of Injustice: Gods Among Us on the iPad and iPhone.

It’s a Gold Level Arkham Origins Batman.

First, this version of the Dark Knight is pretty flippin’ cool to look at. And he has some impressive start stats.

Moreover, this is not just a regular skin. The Arkham Origin’s version has his own special ability – invisible Predator – which gives Batman two filled bars of power when he starts. Pretty nice boon.

Bruce Wayne Budget

If you’re wanting to make a call to the Batcave to add this decked up version of the Caped Crusader to your roster, be ready to pay for it.

Arkham Origins Batman will set you back 375,000 credits, making him the single most expensive character in the game. General Zod by comparison is only 220,000

Getting this nifty variation, like many of the iOS version skins, may be a matter for the most skilled players to keep the game interesting by adding another jewel to their collection.

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