Injustice Red Son DLC and Luthor Trailer

Injustice has Red Son DLC outfits for Superman, Wonder Woman, and Grundy, and the new Luthor trailers gives a bit of insight into his reasons.
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At first, it seemed like it was going to be a quiet week regarding Injustice: Gods Among Us.  The quarterfinals of their battle arena trailers doesn’t start until next week, and while the release is getting closer it’s still far enough out for distribution concerns and last-minute pre-order deals to be null.

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First on the list of not-entirely-expected news is the announcement of the Red Son DLC coming to regions other than the UK.  Even more, it isn’t just a costume for Superman.  Cosmetically there are also Red Son outfits for both Wonder Woman and even Solomon Grundy.  The DLC also comes with 20 scenario missions to work your way through as well, so it isn’t just for looks.  Pre-ordering from Gamestop assures the DLC.

NetherRealm Studios also released a new trailer for the game.  The last character-focused trailer kept the spotlight on Aquaman and the difficult balancing act of peace with independence.  Lex Luthor is the focus of the new trailer, and his concern is practical.  In his own words, he picks the winning side.  It also shows his foresight and ability to work the populace to his own means, both key elements of his character that are good to see in Injustice.

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