Inkling idols Callie and Marie get a live hologram concert, watch it here!

Callie and Marie come to the live stage as holograms in this Splatoon Live! concert

Have you been pining to watch Callie and Marie sing live with a human band backing them? Well you can have your chance by checking out this video posted by kuroneko0509 on YouTube (or the header) right now!

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Nintendo and Splatoon fans are likely to recognize the two Inkling idols from the daily newscasts and Splatfest events promoting the breakout Wii U title. During the live concert, Callie and Marie ‘sang’ their entire in-game setlist including: High-Color EvolutionNow or Never!, Ink Me Up, Maritime Memory, and their most well-known song, Calamari Inkantation.

Much like the Hatsune Miku Vocaloid concerts, the Squid Sisters are projected on glass panels that create the illusion that the characters are standing before a live audience. It is somewhat of a growing trend in Japan, although it doesn’t seem likely that it will trump the flesh-and-blood idol market anytime soon.

While none of the songs are particularly understandable — seeing as they’re all in Inkling pseudo-English gibberish — they are nonetheless enjoyable to listen to in-game. Live, the songs are a bit interesting since the live band playing alongside the pre-recorded voice lines makes for an interesting mix. Throw in the holograms and you get something a little more legitimate than your average lip-syncing pop idol.

That’s kinda sad in retrospect…

What do you guys think about this live Splatoon concert? Would you pay to see this in person? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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