Master X Master introduces a new character Innowin while also releasing a more familiar Mondo Zax from WildStar.

Innowin and Mondo Zax joins the MXM Team

Master X Master introduces a new character Innowin while also releasing a more familiar Mondo Zax from WildStar.

Following up on the last Master X Master post, the developers have released two more Masters to the roster. The first is Innowin, another original for MXM, while the second is Mondo Zax from the world of WildStar.

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Innowin is a long ranged markswoman. Armed with her particle-accelerator rifle, Nova, she deals high amounts of damage providing support fire from a distance. She can charge her shots up to three stages for increase damage, range, knock-back, and a piercing effect. However, her damage is significantly reduced if enemies get too close.

Her passive, Stay on Target, stacks a mark on an enemy dealing additional damage on the third mark. Her defensive skill, Reposition, allows her to move with a quick dash and, with the small stamina cost, allows more chances to use.

Her first skill Energy Lance deals massive damage in a line, while Shot Caller marks an enemy preventing skills like Sizuka’s Cloak and increasing the chance for a critical strike on the enemy. Explosive Escape can knockback enemies surrounding Innowin, and Paralyzer can lock down any pesky Masters from chasing her. Her ultimate, Zero In, focuses on her marksmanship as she aims a powerful blast to an enemy, refiling her ultimate gauge when killed.

Mondo Zax

Mondo Zax is the mad scientist from the world of WildStar. Using his Bolt Caster, Mondo Zax can shoot up the three bolts for damage. His passive Hyper-Charged grants him a weapon damage boost after he uses a skill. His defensive skill is the Chua Barrel Roll, which allows him to dodge attacks, but sadly does not do an actual barrel roll.

Mondo Zax’s main skills revolve around creating bots that give both an active and passive effect. For example, Prism Bot can cloak both Mondo Zax and his allies in a certain area but also buff his damage at certain times. The Bruiser Bot taunts enemies in the area, while the Artillery Bot shoots projectiles at enemies. The Repair Bot can provide shield to the team, but also provides a smaller shield to Mondo himself.

Please be wary when playing Mondo as only one bot can be on the field at a time. Any time a new bot is made, it replaces the previous one. Finally, his ultimate is the powerful Orbital Laser that dishes out constant damage to a target. Both the target and Mondo can be moved while using his ultimate preventing him from being a sitting duck in the middle of his attack.

We’ll let you know as soon as a new Master is released. You can learn more about the game at PlayMXM or here at GameSkinny at the Master X Master page.

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