International Game Developers Association Reaches Out To Harassed Game Devs

After recent events of online harassment the IGDA are reinforcing their helping hand to game developers.

After recent events of online harassment the IGDA are reinforcing their helping hand to game developers.
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With recent trolling, threats and even ‘doxxing’ that has occurred within the gaming industry the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) has offered help to those on the receiving end of this harassment.

Over the last several weeks, game developers and affiliates have been the subject of harassment and ‘doxxing’ attacks, including threats and posting of home addresses. While we support diverse viewpoints and healthy debate on the issues within our industry, we condemn personal attacks such as these which are not only morally reprehensible, but also illegal in many countries. We call on the entire game community to stand together against this abhorrent behavior.

– IGDA Board of Directors

Above is the statement that was recently released, showing their opinion on the seriousness of the recent events and coercing game developers to work together to help each other overcome these personal online attacks.

As well as this statement IGDA recently told gamasutra that they are also working on resources for developers to overcome these situations.

With over 120 chapters worldwide, one of the most important things the IGDA can do is to continue to serve its key role as a spokesperson for the community. We are also working with IGDA members to provide developers with a specific means to seek support and counseling in the event of harassment or other issues. Additionally, we are in the process of developing content that will help developers respond to this issue for the Resource Center on the IGDA website.

– Kate Edwards, IGDA executive director 

They have also offered basic advice in the past which they are now reposting for the time being. These guidelines include:

  • Report threats immediately
  • Don’t engage
  • Gather personal help through your support network
  • Don’t internalize the threat

IGDA as a whole is serving ‘as a key support mechanism and resource for game developers worldwide’ which fits with its companies’ overall goal of advancing the careers and enhancing the lives of game developers.

We encourage the community to reach out to us when they have a need.


The IGDA has stepped in with this statement, and is aiming to ‘up the game’ with regards to harassment information because of the ‘recent escalation of events involving game developers’. These events include the hacking of the game developers behind Fez and Depression Quest, threats to the transportation of Sony Online Entertainment’s President and general online abuse. This abuse has resulted in time-wasting for law enforcement and has even managed to scare people enough to drive them away from their homes.


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