You should check out Master X Master, a new action MOBA that sets itself apart with its unique Tag System and a PVE mode.

Introducing Master X Master: Check out their Kickoff Stream!

You should check out Master X Master, a new action MOBA that sets itself apart with its unique Tag System and a PVE mode.

Hello, Gamers! I know you’re busy with playing League of Legends, Dota, SMITE, and Heroes of the Storm, or just sick of MOBAs in general, but I’m here to bring another competitor to the table: Master X Master.

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If you put together the ladies from Blade and Soul, the knights from Lineage, the adventurers from Guild WarsWildStar, Aion, and etc. from various NCSOFT titles…then throw in a pop idol, a sexy photographer, some elemental spirits, android sisters, super-powered babies, and whatever that thing is with the chest face in the picture below, you get the action MOBA known as Master X Master.

While this might seem like a Heroes of the Storm knockoff, it’s a very unique game with features never before seen in the four big MOBAs. Since it is a MOBA, it still contains the standard 5v5 three-lane push game and the 5v5 objective-based games, but it also contains a 3v3 deathmatch and — wait for it — a PVE mode?!

That’s right: this MOBA has a PVE mode. I’m not talking about 5v5 against bots. I’m talking about running a dungeon with a party or trying to complete a speedy boss rush. You can go solo or with friends, and basically just have fun without bashing each other’s skills.

But this isn’t the only thing that makes MXM unique. What makes it truly unique is its action-based play style and its Tag System.

The action style of this game makes the player move with the standard WASD, while aiming with the mouse. Unfortunately for you MOBA players, this also means that there is absolutely NO AUTO-ATTACKING. You can’t keep clicking that mouse until your finger breaks, as your non-skill attack will basically “overheat” and become unavailable until after a cooldown.

That means yes, both skills and standard attacks need to be aimed. You can also jump and dodge (or block for some characters), which adds to the action style gameplay — two features that seemed to never be implemented in a MOBA. 

Most importantly, there’s Master X Master‘s Tag System. For the League players, how would you feel if you were about to gank Teemo on his last sliver of health but he suddenly turns into Blitzcrank with a full bar? Well, if you play MXM, you’re gonna see that…a lot.

Each player is allowed to bring two, that’s right, TWO heroes to every match. When one hero is in danger of dying or you’re trying to get a nice skill combo going, you can tag out to your second hero to deny a kill or dish out a kill. Fortunately, it’s not like you can Tag out all the time. There is a long cooldown to ensure there are at least some kills.

But don’t take it from me, find out yourself. The people behind Master X Master are holding a Kickoff Tournament Live Stream on Twitch on Thursday 5:30 pm PDT, May 26th, 2016, featuring VoyBoy and AngryJoeShow.

Watch live video from playmxm on

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