Shuuji's a bright kid who doesn't deal with change very well, and poor Lopmon doesn't seem suited to his human partner.

Introducing Shuuji and Lopmon, Two New Digimon Survive Characters

Shuuji's a bright kid who doesn't deal with change very well, and poor Lopmon doesn't seem suited to his human partner.
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The visual novel and strategy-RPG hybrid Digimon Survive is coming out… eventually, for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Ahead of its vague 2020 release date, Bandai Namco released some more information about two characters who will accompany Takumi to the mysterious other world: Shuuji Kayama and Lopmon.

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Shuuji is a driven young man, determined to surpass everyone around him thanks to his father’s strict ideals and education. He usually succeeds — until he finds himself in the other world, that is. There, Shuuji’s facade of reliability falls apart. He can’t handle the pressure of not knowing everything about this world and starts blaming everyone and everything else.

His partner is the laid back Lopmon, a Beast Digimon. Unlike the brash Saki Kimijuma and her partner Floramon, Shuuji doesn’t really get along with Lopmon at first. He sees Lopmon as lazy and, therefore, not worth his time. How you could make this face sad and live with yourself afterwards is beyond us, though.

Bandai Namco also outlined another of Digimon Survive‘s mechanics, the Digital Device Camera. The students trapped in the other world will use their smartphones, aka Digital Devices, to take photos and uncover things they can’t see with just their eyes alone. In addition to finding Digimon this way, the Digital Device will be key to clearing the game’s investigation portions.

Hopefully, regular drip of information we’re getting means a Digimon Survive release date will be announced soon, perhaps coinciding with the new Digimon film coming up. Whatever the case may be, stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Digimon Survive news as it comes our way.

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