Introducing the new Head of Support!

Say hello to our Kyle, our new support head for Launch Media Network!

Say hello to our Kyle, our new support head for Launch Media Network!

Hi Gamer Launch and GameSkinny communities! My name is Kyle Johnston (guy on the left) and I’ll be taking care of support at Launch Media Network for our awesome gamers! I’m excited to be taking on my new position. I enjoy doing support because I get to interact with the community and I seem to be learning something new everyday. If you’re having any issues, or if you just want to say hi, shoot me an email.

I’ve been a gamer for about 25 years and haven’t looked back. Growing up I was always the first kid in my neighborhood to get the newest gaming system. Needless to say all the kids wanted to spend time at my house. When Metal Gear Solid came out on the original PlayStation, my friends and I didn’t leave my room until we had it beat. It took us about 2 to 3 days of almost continuous playing and when we finally beat it we just wanted more!

  • Favorite game: Right now I would have to say Grand Theft Auto V.

  • Favorite game-based movie: Resident Evil

  • Least favorite game-based movie: Max Payne, I think Mark Wahlberg is a great actor but that movie was bad.

  • Guilty pleasure: Eating Sour Patch Kids and sniping people in GTA V. I’m also a sucker for any Mario Kart game.

  • Favorite game genre: First Person Shooters

  • Favorite food: Almost any kind of pizza. No pineapple on my pizza!

  • Favorite animal: Would have to be my big lap dog of a labrador, Ellie

  • Favorite music: Classic Rock like Led Zeppelin or Alman Brothers. I also listen to a lot of Howard Stern. I hope he renews his contract for another 5 years. BABABOOEY!

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