Capcom has announced that they will be working on virtual reality horror games.

Is Resident Evil going to VR?

Capcom has announced that they will be working on virtual reality horror games.
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In a recent report released by Capcom, they stated that their Development Division 1, which is famous for being the team that develops the Resident Evil franchise, has started working on virtual reality games.

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According to the statement:

In this terrifying world, you can twist and turn as you like, but there’s no escaping the creatures closing in on you…until you remove your VR headset and return to reality, that is.”

Currently, we are building a new game development engine able to support VR, which is the hottest market right now, while simultaneously developing titles for current game consoles.”

Capcom has met some minor success in VR, with their “KITCHEN” VR Demo that was displayed using Project Morpheus at E3 2015. VRScout’s Carly Chevalier said that it “scared the bejeebers out of me”, and Kotaku’s Chris Jager called it “the most disturbing gaming experience” of his life.

This news comes after the recent annoucement that the Development Division 1 of Capcom would be working on a Resident Evil 2 remake, after years of fan requests. Perhaps we’ll be seeing a VR version?

The VR industry is expected to grow by 99% compounded annually from 2015 to 2020, according to report done by Business Insider. With this high-growth market that has been proven to work well with horror games, it is not unexcepected that Capcom would be developing horror games for the devices.

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