All signs currently point to this being the release date for the Ghost of Tsushima.

Is the Ghost of Tsushima Release Date Still Scheduled for June?

All signs currently point to this being the release date for the Ghost of Tsushima.

This year has already seen its fair share of delays, from Sony’s The Last of Us 2 and Iron Man VR to inXile’s highly-anticipated Wasteland 3 and Kojima Productions’ Death Stranding on PC. That’s not including delays for other niche titles such as Bandai Namco’s Digimon Survive.

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With all of these games getting pushed back for various reasons, some fans have wondered if Sony’s Ghost of Tsushima would also be delayed. 

Has Ghost of Tsushima Been Delayed? 

As it stands at the time of this writing, Ghost of Tsushima has not been delayed by Sony. It is currently on track for its June 26 release date on the PlayStation 4. Though this has not been re-confirmed by Sony, it’s currently all we really have to go on; the developer and publisher has not said otherwise since announcing the game’s official release date back in March. 

Recently, there was speculation that the Ghost of Tsushima could be delayed, as Sony Canada had updated the game’s release date to August 1, 2020, on its homepage. However, the date now says June 26, 2020, once again. You can see the live page here. Ghost of Tsushima is about halfway down the page, between Predator: Hunting Grounds and Marvel’s Avengers

Screens of the Sony Canada “mixup” were shared by some on Twitter: 

It’s worth pointing out, as some have done on Twitter, that August 1 is a Saturday, while June 26 is a Friday, the de facto day of the week to release video games for many major publishers, including Sony.

Both Dreams and Death Stranding were released on a Friday, and The Last of Us 2 was set to release on May 29, also a Friday. 

Another clue that Ghost of Tsushima is probably still on track comes from the Australian ratings board, which has rated the game MA 15+ for “strong themes and violence.” First spotted by TwistedVoxel (via PushSquare), the rating was uploaded on April 17, and is currently live. The longer it’s live, the more likely it is to be true. 

Of course, anything could change between now and June 26, so it’s possible that Ghost of Tsushima could eventually be delayed. However, as it stands, all signs point to the game releasing on its intended date. 

Ghost of Tsushima is up for pre-order now at many major retailers. Head over to our pre-order guide for more info on each of the game’s editions and pre-order bonuses. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more news on the anticipated Sucker Punch title as we find it out.  

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