Iwata Suggests Nintendo’s NX is the “Fusion”

The NX is being designed with different play environments in mind.

The NX is being designed with different play environments in mind.
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While attempting to divert fan and investor attention away from the company’s next dedicated video game platform, the NX, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata dropped a few informative details. 

Since we are always thinking about how to create a new platform that will be accepted by as many people around the world as possible, we would like to offer to them “a dedicated video game platform with a brand new concept” by taking into consideration various factors, including the playing environments that differ by country. This is all that I can confirm today.

Interesting! This could very well mean that Nintendo is designing the NX with adjustable functionality in mind. With Japan so engrossed in handheld gaming, and the west focused on home-consoles, the big N might actually be creating the much-speculated fusion of the two! Iwata did recently speak about removing region-locking from future hardware, and this device would make for a perfect start. Could the NX be Nintendo’s all-in-one answer? 

Not quite. Satoru Iwata explicitly stated that the new console, which won’t be officially discussed until 2016, will not act as a replacement to either the Nintendo 3DS or Wii U console. He also reiterated that the NX was only mentioned during the mobile announcement to ensure viewers of the company’s unwavering faith in dedicated gaming platforms. 

These last two points throw a wrench into specualtion. However, they could simply be a result of Iwata doing his job, making sure consumer focus is on supporting Nintendo’s current products. 

What do you all make of this? Are you hopeful that the NX will be a home-handheld console fusion? Let us know in the comments below!

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