Complete Mieu's Great Adventure to unlock Jade and Tear into your roster!

Jade Curtiss and Tear Grants Enter Tales of the Rays

Complete Mieu's Great Adventure to unlock Jade and Tear into your roster!
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Mobile game Tales of the Rays has been out for almost a month now, and the first exclusive event quest will take you on a journey, one you might be familiar with if you have played Tales of the Abyss.

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Titled as “Mieu’s Big Adventure,” you’ll embark on a journey with Mieu where you’ll meet with Jade and Tear along the way. So if you have played Tales of the Abyss before, you’ll want to partake in this event to unlock Jade and Tear.

In the Tales of the Abyss story, Mieu is a Cheagle, a species that lives in the forest and are invaded by Ligers that threatened to overtake their territory. The story is similar here as you’ll mostly be fighting Ligers as you make progress in the quest. Once you have completed “Mieu’s Big Adventure,” a secondary quest will unlock that will allow you to farm 4 star weapon equipment for Jade and Tear.


Tear is a spell user who is most effective in healing your team. She can also cast spells at the enemies and has some physical skill attacks, but it’s not what she is best at. What makes Tear really useful is her ability to heal, as she and Milenna are the only two characters who can heal in the game currently.


Jade is an offensive spell user and possess no ability to heal your team. He has some helpful physical skill attacks that you can use to stagger enemies and extend your combos. Jade can be a versatile character if you want him to cast spells or if you need another close combat character, he can be just as effective.

The one thing you cannot unlock through the two exclusive event quests is obtaining the Mirror arte for Jade and Tear. You will have to try your luck in their summon banner which currently guarantees 1 4 star equipment if you do a 10 roll for 200 diamonds. Once the banner is gone, you won’t be able to obtain them as they’re not in the other summon banners. This makes them difficult to use for end game quests, as you ideally would want to have your 4 party members to be able to use their mirror arte.

The event is currently running from March 15 to the 29 so whether you’re a veteran player who’s already reached the end game, or a new player, there’s plenty of time to complete “Mieu’s Big Adventure.” Will you be able to unlock Jade and Tear for your roster?

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