Jamie Lee Curtis dons Street Fighter costume while attending Evo 2015

Famous actor Jamie Lee Curtis attended Evo 2015 as Vega from Street Fighter.

Famous actor Jamie Lee Curtis attended Evo 2015 as Vega from Street Fighter.

It’s always great when fans cosplay at an event, but when celebrities do it it’s spectacular. During this years Evo event in Las Vegas, Jamie Lee Curtis and her family dressed up as Street Fighter characters to embrace the event to the fullest extent and enjoy the festivities.

While at the event
The famous actress Jamie Lee Curtis, her husband and their son participated in a few Street Fighter games and were all good sports throughout the event. Jamie Lee Curtis and her family donned a disguise throughout EVO, and it became a family experience.

Details about Street Fighter V

EVO 2015 gave insight to the new Street Fighter game, Street Fighter V and the post-launch DLC plans that lay ahead. Being a fan of Street Fighter, Jamie Lee Curtis has played a ton of the game and had a wonderful outing with her family being incognito the entire time.

I must say I always find it fascinating and wonderful when actors/actresses disguise themselves and attend conventions, like when Daniel Radcliffe dressed as Spiderman at Comic-con. Jamie Lee Curtis you totally rock.

What do you think of her cosplay job?

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