Japanese Domino’s iOS App Featuring Hatsune Miku Looks Neat

Vocaloid shmocaloid.

Vocaloid shmocaloid.

There are some things that are so Japanese there is no way it would make sense to localize and release elsewhere. The Project Diva games are one example, but that hasn’t stopped Hatsune Miku herself from being known in one way or another worldwide.

According to the video above, the Japanese Domino’s iOS app featuring Miku was a collaborative effort among franchise employees. App users can order pizza and take pictures with Miku, and watch a “live” performance of Luv4Night on top of their delivered pizza box.

The video is worth a watch for how awkward the Domino’s president sounds during the whole ad, and the performance itself at the end is impressive. Technology sure is something, huh.

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