Japanese Game & Wario Trailer Packed with Minigames, Obviously

Game & Wario looks fun and makes the most of the Wii U controller.

Game & Wario looks fun and makes the most of the Wii U controller.
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Game & Wario is making its way to Japanese Wii U owners in just over two weeks, but those of us in English-speaking territories are going to have to wait on an announcement. Even so, it’s never too early to get excited — and this trailer for Nintendo’s latest Wario mini/microgame compilation has me a bit hyped.

The game makes full use of the Wii U controller, as shown in the trailer above. It’s exciting to see devs putting the controller to good use, even if we are just talking about mini-games. The microgames, a staple of the series, are to be found inside other mini-games.

Check out some Game & Wario commercials below. Being dubbed in Japanese (as opposed to Japanese actors being featured in the commercials), we may get these commercials in North America or Europe when the time comes. Cute as these are, I hope we get something new when the game is advertised over here.

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