Jim Raynor and the Queen of Blades have a Baby

What would happen if Jim Raynor and the Queen of Blades had a baby?
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So, there is clearly an attraction between Jim Raynor and Kerrigan early on in the Starcraft series. Jim Raynor then becomes dedicated to killing the Queen of Blades… but in Starcraft II there seems to be some repreive when she returns to semi-normal not quite so all deathy and scary version.

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As we saw at the end of Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty she is still very much bad.. but what if Jim Raynor is still attracted? What if they had a baby? Baby of Blades? Queen of Babies? Little Raynor Blades Kerrigan? The awe inspiring possibilities are endless.

So, what would happen if they had a baby? This:

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Anyway, enjoy your Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm. Hopefully, their story arcs are better than mine.

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