Joe Danger Dev Hello Games Suffers Flood, Massive Loses (Update)

No Man's Sky studio flooded on Christmas Eve.

No Man's Sky studio flooded on Christmas Eve.

Update to the original story: According to IGN, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer heard about Hello Games situation on twitter and that he is “going to look into it.”

Original Story below

Hello Games, the studio that brought us Joe Danger and the upcoming No Man’s Sky announced that their studio “has been totally flooded” as a result of severe storms and flooding in the U.K. The studio contacted their insurance agent, saying:

“Had an ‘hilarious’ call with insurer yesterday. Small print is if you are in a flood risk zone, you are not insured for flooding”

They announced this on their twitter page.

My Opinion

There is no doubt that Hello Games studios had suffered a severe loss in all their projects.  I just hope some companies will be generous enough to help them financially till they get back on their feet.  We can just hope the studio had some backup data on cloud servers or some other plan.  At least none of them are hurt and they can rebuild it.

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