Star Rangers shoots for the stars on Steam Early Access this week

Join the Star Rangers today! Early Access available on Steam

Star Rangers shoots for the stars on Steam Early Access this week
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Awestruck Games released Star Rangers into Early Access this week on Steam. No press release, fanfare, or blaring trumpets preceded its coming. It slipped in under the radar.

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It may have come in quietly, but the developers are hoping it will make a big bang. That’s a science joke folks, roll with it.

In the footsteps of games like Kerbal Space Program and Take On Mars, comes Star Rangers. The title sings of pulp sci-fi, and the developers are playing that angle pretty well. The game takes place in the near future — roughly 2035. Players are asked to join the titular Star Rangers and learn to become interplanetary explorers. 

The game is still in a very early alpha state, but it is definitely playable. Players can get their first taste of space at the Earth bound training camp called “Lagoon Island”. There, they will learn the basic controls and some of the features of the game. Also included are a number of test maps on the Moon, Mars, even the oceans under Europa’s ice. Players can explore these maps and even build bases on some of them. 

Although not fully implemented yet, there will be a character role system adding a bit of an RPG element to this sandbox solar system exploration game. Players will choose a role for their character including Commander, Pilot, Applied Scientist, Engineer, Geologist, and Biologist. Characters will earn experience for completing missions, which will make them better able to tackle more difficult missions later on.

Awestruck Games has worked in conjunction with numerous developers to build the game up to its current state. They have also worked closely with NASA to make sure the science is accurate. They even received an unofficial blessing from Bill Nye…The Science Guy (sorry Bill it’s just how I remember you from my childhood). 

Take a look at the game’s Early Access page on Steam where the game is currently 40% off for a limited time. For more details check out the official website. Have fun, explorers!

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