A leak at PSdocs has revealed that the critically acclaimed Journey may be making its way on to the PS4 this month.

Journey coming to the PS4 this Month [Updated]

A leak at PSdocs has revealed that the critically acclaimed Journey may be making its way on to the PS4 this month.


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Sony has posted an offical comment on the release of Journey for the PS4. They have confirmed all previous “leaks” and stated that if any players had bought Journey digitally on the PS3, the PS4 copy should be free.

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Today, it seems that Docs for PlayStation has revealed that the gorgeous and deep gaming experience that is thatgamecompany’s Journey will be making it onto the PS4 this month.

The page at Docs for Playstation state that Journey will be released on the PS4 on July 21st, so there will be a wait for any fans eager to delve back into the simple but almost indescribable adventure of Journey.

When Journey was first released in 2012 it was quickly recognized as something that the gaming world had never seen. It was a wonderful blend of music and gorgeous visuals along with a story that featured little to no dialogue at all.

At the beginning of Journey the player takes control of his or her own personal “traveler”. Their mission: get to the top of a mysterious mountain. This game also featured a very unique form of multiplayer where the players and their travelers could not speak to each other except for small chirps and personal symbols.

Imagining what such a spectacle like Journey will look like on the newest generation of the PlayStation is exciting for those who fell in love with the original game in 2012. This combined with Abzu, a game created by Matt Nava the leader artist of Journey, coming out sometime in the near future, it seems that gamers will be receiving two distinct and gorgeous worlds in the future.

How do you feel about Journey coming to PS4? Or about Abzu, which still does not have a release date yet? Leave a comment and as always for all your gaming articles and news stay tuned to GameSkinny.com.

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