Just Cause 3 file size revealed for Xbox

The file size for the Xbox One version of Just Cause 3 has been revealed.

The file size for the Xbox One version of Just Cause 3 has been revealed.
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Yesterday, we finally received word on how large the download size will be for Avalanche Studios’ Just Cause 3. The game was listed on Xbox.com and we now know that it will take up 42.49GB on your hard drive.

This isn’t too bad, considering just how large the open-world game will be. Just Cause 3 will contain one of the largest open-world environments that video games have ever seen. Just Cause 2 was one of the largest games that I ever played, so knowing that this game will be even larger is mind-blowing. If you’re a fan of open-world games, then Just Cause 3 is right up your alley.  

The game takes place several years after Just Cause 2, with Rico Rodriguez returning as the main protagonist. Rico is now much older, but with the passing time he has acquired many gadgets to traverse the new fictional locale of Medici. 

While we currently have no word on how large the download sizes will be on PS4 and PC versions of the game, it can be assumed to be in the same neighborhood. The game’s release is right around the corner, so grab your grappling hook and your parachute and prepare to jump into the world of Just Cause 3 on December 1. 

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