Reviewers and other players have noticed frame rate drops while playing the new title.

Just Cause 3 players criticize performance issues

Reviewers and other players have noticed frame rate drops while playing the new title.

Just Cause 3 released a couple days ago, and some users have been reporting performance issues in both the PC and console versions. Kotaku writer Kirk Hamilton made special note of the problems he encountered in his review of the game:

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I’m leaning toward giving Just Cause 3 a heavily qualified Yes based on how fun the game can be, but I’m not comfortable doing so just yet, largely because the early PC build that I played had some significant performance problems. I run a 4GB GTX970 GPU and a 3.5Ghz Intel i7 CPU, and have been unable to maintain a steady frame-rate in full screen mode no matter what settings I tweak. Running the game in windowed mode helps things, but only a bit: My experience has been significantly hampered by bugs, visual glitches, and performance hitches, along with several hard crashes to desktop. Nvidia will no doubt release an optimized driver to coincide with Just Cause 3’s retail release, but I don’t know how much that’ll improve things on the PC end. Meanwhile, I received a code for the PS4 version just today, so I can’t yet authoritatively speak to how the game runs on consoles. Early technical performance reports from people who’ve played the console versions are troubling, however.

Among those “troubling” reports is a review on Eurogamer, which notes that while “neither [console] version of Just Cause 3 is able to sustain a locked 30fps,” the Xbox One version in particular “offers a noticeably lower level of in-game fluidity” and “Microsoft’s machine struggles to a more noticeable extent” than the PS4:

In our tests, we’ve compared both cut-scenes and gameplay, and our lowest recorded drop occurs on Xbox One, where a massive explosion sends us plummeting to 20fps, while PS4 plateaus to 24fps in entirely different circumstances – with CPU power the likely culprit for bottlenecked performance there.

However, some Redditors are reporting that in their versions the frame rate is “very solid” even if it “chugs a little bit every now and then,” while others have said that when they play it sometimes gets so bad that it looks “really stopmotion.”

Have you personally noticed any performance issues while playing Just Cause 3? Or has it been smooth sailing for you? Let us know in the comments!

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