Kansas City Royals Put Down Clash of Clans to Focus on MLB World Series

Clash of Clans steals player focus away from the game on the Kansas City Royals.
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The Kansas City Royals wouldn’t have a chance right now in the World Series if it weren’t for a sudden realization earlier this season in July. The Royals were winning less than 50 percent of their games and didn’t appear to have a shot at any titles. In a team meeting on July 20th, the Royals assessed what was taking away their focus for baseball.

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It was Clash of Clans.

A pre-game routine to get your mind in the right place is perfectly normal. Playing a mobile game during prep time is not. Jarrod Dyson had introduced Lorenzo Cain to the game early on this season. Before long, most of the locker room was asking for Goblins, Wizards, or other resources for their clans. Dyson has since recanted his Clash of Clans ways.

I’m ending it. I’m winding it down. I’m toning it down. It’s going to be hard, but I’m trying to tone it down.

The Kansas City Royals are now competing in the World Series versus the San Fransisco Giants. None of it would be possible without putting Clash of Clans on the back-burner and putting their focus back into the game of baseball.

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