The trailer for Kanye West's game "The Only One" is out now!

Kanye West’s video game “The Only One” gets a trailer

The trailer for Kanye West's game "The Only One" is out now!

In the midst of all the buzz with surrounding his newest album, The Life of Pablo, rapper Kanye West also offered more information about his upcoming video game.

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The Only One will apparently star his late-mother, Donda West, as she flies through the clouds as an angel. Check it out below:

There’s not a lot of info to gained from the trailer, other than the fact that it looks very beautiful and grandiose. Multiple angels appear to present, as well as a Pegasus, so it’s unclear how the game’s mechanics will work. It’ll be interesting to see how this game plays, whether as a platformer, or as an adventure game.

The Only One shares a similar title with West’s song Only One, which is also devoted to his mother, so there’s bound to be a strong sentimental message found within the game’s content. Similarly to That Dragon, Cancer, The Only One will most likely deal with some elements of loss, though obviously in two different manners.

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