Katana’s at the ready – TMNT New Game Announced for Oct 25th

Cowabunga dudes! New TMNT game!

Coming October 25th 2013 (in Europe at least) it is time, ladies and gentlemen, so raise some shell!

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“What the shell?”, I hear you all asking!

Based off the Nickelodeon show the other fab four will grace our Xbox 360, Wii and 3DS with a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game. The game designed for a younger audience (not that we in our twenties who can remember it when it was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and not this TMNT crap can’t play it) has been announced by Activision and Nickelodeon.

The game is set to feature, Leonardo and his Katana’s, Raphael and his Sai , Donatello and his Bō, and my personal childhood favourite Michelangelo and his nunchucks. Throw in intrepid reporter April O’Neil (who looks oddly like a prepubescent boy in this adventure), Sensei Splinter and resident baddie Shredder, it should be good fun.

For those of you who either don’t remember the Turtles, or had, what I can only assume was a lacking childhood, is the story of four Turtles who are mutated by Toxic Waste dumped by the evil Shredder. They are then trained in the sewers of New York in the fighting art of Ninjutsu by their father-figure, a rat called Splinter.

The Turtles, roughly the size of humans all take their names from famous Renaissance Masters, and each has distinctive personalities.

The game will include a four-player drop-in co-op option on the consoles (local only).

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