Enjoy the fun of space exploration with Kerbal Space Program, coming to Xbox One

Kerbal Space Program coming to Xbox One

Enjoy the fun of space exploration with Kerbal Space Program, coming to Xbox One
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While video games have been trending toward being more competitive (see: just about any game with multiplayer) or just plain hard (see: Dark Souls), there’s still something out there for not just the casual console gamer, but the casual console gamer who has very little interest in being constrained by silly things like rules.

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The popular Steam game Kerbal Space Program has been announced for the Xbox One, joining games like Goat Simulator in bringing some lighthearted insanity to the console. While there are real physics to deal with (much more real than Goat Simulator), it’s a game designed to take trial-and-error to the extreme. Orbits, gravity, and atmosphere are all things that will have to be taken into account, in much the same way that actual astronauts have to. The difference is that it won’t cost several hundreds of millions of dollars, and watching your rocket blow up can be undone with a simple button press. The goal of the game is successful spaceflight, but it’s also a lot about “what happens if…” and then watching a spaceship blow up.

There’s been no release date announced, nor have there been any changes announced, but the fact that the game is coming to Xbox One is exciting enough. Just try not to lose too many of the little green astronauts as you navigate through space.

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