Kerbal Space Program Modders Can Show Off on Kerbal CurseForge

Kerbal Space Program gamers have a new home to display the latest mods of this free and popular space simulation video game

The developers of Kerbal Space Program, Squad, recently announced a new agreement with to work together on creating a new website, called Kerbal CurseForge.

Kerbal Space Program modders with existing mods on Kerbal Spaceport can transfer their current creations to Kerbal CurseForge, but the old website will no longer be accepting any new mods.

“Modders have helped make Kerbal Space Program a more open, more rewarding game experience for our players,” Squad chief operating officer Adrian Goya said. “Curse is an important partner because their team is passionate and experienced in caring for and growing online game communities, such as our amazing playerbase for Kerbal Space Program.”

“We’ve got a great platform and a tremendous team that will be supporting the amazing modders for Kerbal Space Program,” said said Bryan McLemore, Curse’s Author Platform Evangelist. “We also expect the millions of gamers who frequent Curse every month to see Kerbal Space Program as a great addition to our existing community.”

New and old players can drop by and check out the new website starting today. This is your chance to show the gaming world and hardcore Kerbal Space Program players your latest mods.

Kerbal Space Program is currently on sale on Steam for $16.19!

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