Kill Screen is raffling every issue of its magazine

Win big with Kill Screen's new raffle.

Win big with Kill Screen's new raffle.
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Kill Screen, a video game arts and culture company, is now offering a new raffle to celebrate five years of service. Started by a former Wall Street Journal culture reporter, this website and accompanying magazine focus on the intersection between video games and different areas of culture, such as art and music.

All entrants will receive a free ePub of Kill Screen‘s most recent issue. 

Ten entry winners will receive every issue of Kill Screen

One grand prize winner will receive every print issue of Kill Screen created, including the extremely rare issue, Issue Zero. 

In order to enter Kill Screen‘s new raffle, simply fill out as many of the items on this widget as possible and provide them with a valid email address. Each item counts as an entry, and entrants will only be contacted by email if they have won. 

Winners will be selected at the beginning of September and with this raffle, everyone is a winner. To ensure you get your prize, be sure to enter to now  because there are only five days left to enter, so hurry!

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