Killer is Dead: 3rd Person Action and Dating Sim?

Action + Dating Sim = Killer is Dead?
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This latest entry from Suda 51, Killer is Dead, is a third person action game.  The game has cel-shaded graphics that look pretty great.  It has all the trademarks of a pretty good action game. 

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The good folks at Gamespot got a first look at the game.  Peter and Tom got the chance to see the game in action, both the action part and the sort of out-of-place gigolo mode.  The action component has a great block and dodge mechanic, which they compare to being kind of like Nightcrawler’s ability from the X-Men.  According to Peter, every enemy that you kill their blood showers down, similarly to No More Heroes, and if you get enough blood you can activate special one hit kill attacks.

Peter and Tom then move on to talk about gigolo mode, which is basically the dating sim component to the game.  The way that they describe it is that you are basically sitting in a bar next to an attractive video game woman, and your objective is the look at her body when she looks away. 

Each time you successfully do that the bar fills up, which they believe to be a confidence bar.  Peter and Tom also described a pair of glasses that you can equip which allow you to see beneath her clothes to view her underwear, and also oddly enough, what is in her brain.  Seeing inside the brain allows you to see what gift she desires the most, and you give her that gift then she will like you. 

They weren’t really able to elaborate on what role gigolo mode played in the rest of the game, short of if the women like you they might be able to help you later on in the game.  Here is the link for the full video on Gamespot.

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