King of Fighters 15 Debut Trailer Packs a Punch, Reveals 6 Characters

Fans have waited a while to see King of Fighters 15 in action, and though it's short, the game's reveal trailer kicks ass.
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We’ve known since EVO 2019 that King of Fighters 15 was in development, and SNK has finally given fans their first glimpse of the upcoming fighting game with its official reveal trailer. 

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Though it only clocks in at 53 seconds, the trailer showcases six of the assuredly many fighters that will appear in the game:

  • Benimaru Nikaido
  • K’
  • Kyo Kusanagi
  • Leona Heidern
  • Mai Shiranui
  • Shun’ei

There is also a good bit of gameplay across what appears to be two different stages: a beach area and a stadium. There are also what appear to be several glimpses at the game’s story, though not much can be gleaned from the quick glances as of yet. 

Outside of that, we don’t know too much about King of Fighters 15 right now. Though it was originally set to release in 2020, it has since been delayed to sometime in 2021. We still don’t have an exact release date or window. 

A video accompanying the official trailer features KOF 15 Producer Yasuyuki Oda and KOF 15 Creative Director Eisuke Ogura. Of the game, Ogura said: 

We’re focusing on keeping the series’ staple of being fast-paced while also adding elements to make it more exciting. We’re able to do things now for both sound and visuals that were impossible back when developing [KOF] XIV, so we’re taking our time making sure each element is refined.

He continued by saying that the team is currently “optimizing the game,” and that it should release sometime this year if everything goes as planned.  

You can see the full age-restricted video over on YouTube. Ogura said that more King of Fighters 15 information would be shared next week, and the team hopes to have a new trailer ready then as well. Stay tuned. 

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