Konami is halting all development on console games until further notice.

Konami reportedly halts all future AAA game production after staff losses

Konami is halting all development on console games until further notice.

After yesterday’s news of Fox Engine lead Julien Merceron leaving Konami, the publisher has decided to halt development on all AAA console games.

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This adds to the disturbing news that has plagued Konami recently. Even with the hit success that his Metal Gear Solid V, the Japanese publisher is still finding ways to get negative press. 

The only game that has not been halted is Pro Evolution Soccer. As of now, there are no official statements about why Konami is halting their AAA games. But speculation is that it may be connected with the company’s focus to switch to mobile games and continue casino game development. Metal Gear Online, however, will still make its October 6 release.

As to any other Metal Gear or Silent Hill games, the future of both franchises on consoles seems dead in the water.

It is sad to think of two amazing franchises being cut off, most gamers can’t see themselves playing Metal Gear on an iPhone. Make sure to stay posted as news continues to flow as to the future of Konami in the industry it helped build.  

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