Kotaku Teases Those Waiting in Line for the Xbox One

Kotaku rocked the New York line up of Xbox One fans, awaiting their beloved console.

Kotaku rocked the New York line up of Xbox One fans, awaiting their beloved console.

As people are waiting in line at the Microsoft New York Xbox One launch party, Kotaku’s editor-in-chief Stephen Totilo brought his Xbox One and all hell broke loose.

Waiting in Line

Some of these people have waited in line since yesterday, trying to get the best place to get their hands on the new Xbox One. It’s quite funny how Stephen Totilo and Kotaku brought their Xbox One out showing the people exactly what they’re waiting for. People marveled over the Xbox One accessories such as the Kinect, power cable, and the controller. The minute Stephen pulled out the Xbox One console, the crowed broke out in screams and cheering, bringing just a speck of happiness to this cold, tired crowd.

As Stephen was maneuvering around the line, eventually the media was confused about how someone got their hands on such a marvel before it’s official launch. Things were of course explained and they understood that Kotaku had one from Microsoft, but the ordeal was very amusing. If you wish to see those having such a great time at the Xbox One line viewing Kotaku’s Xbox One, you can find it here.

Great job, Stephen Totilo, bringing some joy to those waiting in line for hours and some days. They really needed the boost to keep it up for the next few hours, and you helped them out.

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