La Tale Infinity is here!

Are you a warrior, an explorer or a wizard? Find out here on La Tale Infinity!

Are you a warrior, an explorer or a wizard? Find out here on La Tale Infinity!

This 2D side scrolling online game has arrived and is waiting for you to play. La Tale 3rd season Infinity is here to bring you more romance, more fantasy and even better, you can create your own journey. 

Before, you could only pick from 6 classes which were being a warrior, a wizard, an explorer, an engineer, a knight or a soul breaker. The new class you can now choose is being a card master. Being a card master allows you to use magical cards and cast spells to attack your enemies while in the game. Another fun fact is that there are 36 new monster cards to choose from. The possibilities are endless you guys. 


You can also update your inventory right on the screen. What’s also new to La Tale Infinity is hat you also have access to more make-overs for your character. You can add new hair styles as and there has also been an increase in the character slots. Now you can have a total of 8 characters to play with. 

One of my favorite new features is that your inventory has also increased from 28 to 36. You know along the way you have to carry essentials to stay alive and help your team as you go on exploring. If you want the full list of the new changes that La Tale Infinity is bring check it out here

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