Latest Mobile Fantasy gets a New Trailer and a Release Date

The release date for the new Final Fantasy mobile.

The release date for the new Final Fantasy mobile.

Square Enix’s latest Final Fantasy mobile game Mobius Final Fantasy (previously known as Mevius Final Fantasy) has finally recieved a release date. Japanese players will be able to download the game for iOS and Android on June 4th. No date has been set for a Western release, however they have announced that it will be available elsewhere later this year.

Mobius Final Fantasy is a JRPG that has been optimized for mobile use. What makes this game different than other mobile games is that it is built like a console game. Using a physics-based rendering, Square has essentially created the first mobile console game that isn’t a port. The combat system in the game is a mix of tap action play with traditional RPG elements. Like previous Final Fantasys this game utilizes the job system, however each job can grow and evolve using special “seeds” aquired throughout the world. With each level of growth not only does the job get stronger, but the character
‘s outfit changes as well.

Players will take control of Wal, a mysterious young man who awakes in the mysterious land of Paramitia with no memory. Like other games in the series the player will take up the mantle of “Warrior of Light” and set out to defeat chaos. Along his journey he will encounter a stoic knight named Garland (like the first boss from the original Final Fantasy), a fairy named Echo, and a Mog that will help him along the way. Of course it wouldn’t be a Final Fantasy game without eidolons. Ifrit, Shiva, Odin and several other summons will also be there to help guide you. As you progress through the game be prepared to see lots of familiar faces and places.

For more information on Mobius Final Fantasy, visit the Mobius Final Fantasy website.

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