Latest Spider-man villain to join Marvel Puzzle Quest is Green Goblin

Green Goblin (Norman Osborn) joins the ranks of Marvel Puzzle Quest on February 25th.

Green Goblin (Norman Osborn) joins the ranks of Marvel Puzzle Quest on February 25th.

Marvel Puzzle Quest has continued its Spider-Man trend with the latest addition of Green Goblin (Norman Osborn) to the roster. 

The Green Goblin will be available starting February 25th and will join the ranks of Old Man Logan and Jean Grey as a new 5-star character.

His powers all have to do with countdown tiles, and we are promised some new and interesting dynamics to the game with his entry.

His black power, Goblin Glider, rams his glider into the enemy. However, as you as you use this power, a countdown tile will be placed on the board. The tile disables the Goblin Glider until it runs. BEWARE! If you match that countdown tile you will not be able to use Goblin Glider for the rest of the match.

His purple power is Trick or Treat, which lets the player choose a color and all tiles of that color on that board become countdown tiles. What color you choose will determine what the tiles will do. So far, we know that red damages the enemy and blue stuns the enemy.

Green Goblin’s yellow power is called Goblin King. This power can be used strategically, and works very well with all his other powers. Goblin King reduces random friendly countdown tiles by a turn. The power also has a Passive ability where at the start of the player’s turn, the Green Goblin turns random friendly countdown tiles into fortified tiles. Fortified tiles work similarly to Invisible Woman’s bubbles and Quicksilver’s locked tiles.

Green Goblin has now joined the multitude of new Spider-Man centric characters that have been taking the Marvel Puzzle Quest game by storm. One can only imagine if they will be adding more characters from Spider-Man’s part of the Marvel universe. Perhaps Spider-Woman (a character actually in Dark Reign, the comic the plot of the game is specifically taken from) can finally join the ranks of the game.

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