Update 1.06 brings character buffs and New Game+ to Vambrace: Cold Soul.

Latest Vambrace: Cold Soul Update Gives Players New Game+, More

Update 1.06 brings character buffs and New Game+ to Vambrace: Cold Soul.
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Devespresso has been extremely responsive to fan feedback during the first week since Vambrace: Cold Soul released. Changes have included reducing the game’s difficulty, introducing shelters outside of neighborhoods, and implementing various bug fixes.

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In the latest update, more asked for items have been added to the game. Those changes are outlined below. 

Hedge Mage Buff

The hedge mage is the primary healing class in Vambrace: Cold Soul. With the ability to heal others, as well as give a healing over time buff to her companions, the Hedge Mage can be a staple for long quests.

Originally she healed two companions 1 point each turn, with her flourish healing one companion 3 points, with 1 point healing for two turns. With the new buff, she now heals one person 2 points, and her flourish heals 3 points, with the 1 point heal lasting three turns. The Hedge Mage’s flourish also charges faster.

The relic skill Life Fusion, gained from the Amulet of the Matriarch, really ups the heals. Her regular attack now heals for 4 points to a target alley. Her flourish now gives Super Rejuvenation, healing 2 health per turn for four turns.

Bullion Chips

A new reward for defeating enemies in battle or opening chests, bullion chips are a fast way to make Hellion. Weightless, these chips come in bronze, silver, and gold. They can only be sold to merchants so don’t worry about saving them to craft with later.

New Game+

The real diamond of this update is the addition of New Game+. Looking for replayability as well as the ability to collect all unique garments, players clamored for more game content. Thus, New Game+ was created. At the end of the game, look for a hint on how to start New Game+. 

Steam Cards are in the process of being approved and should be added soon. 

Vambrace: Cold Soul is a lot like Darkest Dungeon, but harder. Check out our review of the game to see why. 

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