Layoffs hit TERA publisher, En Masse Entertainment

Staff at TERA publisher, En Masse Entertainment, facing mass layoffs

Staff at TERA publisher, En Masse Entertainment, facing mass layoffs
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The publisher behind TERA, En Masse Entertainment, announced yesterday that it would be laying off some of its staff in the face of the ever-changing gaming industry.

In a statement sent directly to, En Masse stated:

“The gaming industry is a fast moving, ever evolving and changing business, which requires companies to occasionally reassess and realign to serve the needs of the business and its community. En Masse found itself in this situation, and staff reductions were part of the shift, in late March, to better position the company for the future. We’re deeply sad about having to let some of our staff go, and will do our best to help them move on.”

It is not yet known how extensive these layoffs have been.

This is not the first time layoffs have occurred at the Seattle-based publishing company. Back in 2012, more En Masse employees were laid off to “prepare for the next chapter”.

TERA is a fantasy MMORPG from South Korea. Originally released in 2011, it was “westernized” and brought to the US by En Masse and to Europe by Frogster Interactive (Gameforge) in 2012. The game’s latest major patch was on March 1st. It included new dungeons and lots of changes to class abilities.

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