League of Legends – Building Dream Teams [Preview]

Check out the Team Builder system for League of Legends. Will it build your dream team?
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League of Legends will never be the same.

It is here! The end of constant queue drops, three top lanes, no mid and two jungles! We hope. At least until March 7th, then it'll be removed until Riot are ready to launch it to the masses.

I had a Sona and Soraka bot lane, this clearly works.

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You will see the traditional list is now topped with Team Builder. Go a head and select it, you won't regret it.

Pick your champion and skin. You have to look good for the party!

Next is the interesting part; position and role. Don't worry about this being abused, so long as the team captain is aware of his champions and lanes.

Runes, Masteries, and Spells - always double check. You don't want to be an AP Zed... Trust me.

Perfecto. We end up with a solid team. The new screen layout is great on the eyes, great job Riot.

Overall I am extremely impressed with this beta test, new UI is smooth and easy to understand. I can see the system taking a little abuse if you get a team captain who just wants to play and accepts anyone in any role!

Will this become a staple for the ranked scene? I wouldn't bet against it in season five.

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