League of Legends Championship Series begins next week

The 2016 LCS begins in only 12 days.

The 2016 LCS begins in only 12 days.

The 2016 League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) commences next Thursday, January 4th. The regular season will run for 9 weeks and as per usual, matches from the European LCS will take place during Thursdays and Fridays, while the American LCS occupies the weekends.

Full details of the schedule for Europe and North America have been provided.

Regular viewers can expect the coming season to be chock-full of surprises, as virtually every western team has made significant changes to their player rosters, in addition to the evolution of the game itself brought about by new patches.

On paper, the battle for the championship titles looks to be even more exciting and competitive than previous years, with many teams making star-signings as well as importing talent from abroad.

Regardless, both veterans and newcomers can join in the fun by heading to the LoL Esports YouTube Channel, or the Riot Games Twitch Stream when the action kicks off on the 14th. For those unable to watch live, VODs will me made available shortly after the matches are over.

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